My Classes

Regular classes

Bring calm, balance, strength and flexibility into your busy life with Dru Yoga classes.
Dru Yoga is a fluid and graceful form of yoga practise, based on flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation – it incorporates the body, mind and soul, nourishing each element.
With its foundations based in ancient yoga traditions, the practise improves strength, flexibility, core stability, fitness and wellbeing. Dru Yoga can help increase energy levels, ease back pain, and wash away stress.
Set within the picturesque Cotswold town of Minchinhampton, my classes are flexible, welcoming and accommodating. Class numbers are kept small so that tuition can be tailored to your needs.  Gentle music is used to enhance relaxation and restore inner harmony.
Sessions focus on a series of movements and stretches that prepare the body for flowing sequences from the Dru Yoga practises that release blocked energy, and uses visualisation to increase mental wellbeing.
Each session finishes with a deep relaxation to allow the body to assimilate the benefits of the practice, ensuring you leave each class calm and peaceful.

Armchair Yoga

Come and join us most Wednesdays at 12 noon in Holy Trinity Church, Minchinhampton for a relaxed gentle workout to strengthen and stretch your muscles and create flexibility in the spine.  

It is a seated version of Yoga especially helpful for the over 65’s or those dealing with declining mobility.  Armchair Yoga is a gentle way to improve and maintain flexibility in the spine and joints.  We work to strengthen the back, legs, abdominal and core stability muscles; mobilizing the neck, shoulders, spine, hip, knee and ankle joints.  Armchair Yoga helps to improve posture, mood and breath awareness.  The leg strengthening exercises work on balance and stability.

Armchair Yoga is also a useful stepping stone on the road to a stronger practice.

Please check when classes are available.